Sunday, September 11, 2011

Rim Job Massacre

Fayetteville, North Carolina

I've been so separated from media this trip I forgot the about September 11th until today.  I'm sure I know what they played, though.  Endless visual allusions to the attack with video of before and after the attack, and only an occasional shot of the planes hitting the buildings.  Then cut to a New York firefighter, Giuliani, and gratuitous footage of George Bush walking over rubble and shots of him looking determined out a window or something.  Thanks media.

Today was the longest ride I've done this trip and will continue to be for the rest of it.  It will probably be the longest single distance I will ride, ever.  Due to some stupid turns and bad routes, today's ride was one-hundred and forty miles.  That's twelve hours of riding and double my average for a day.  Getting water, one guy in a tie and gold chain stopped me and asked outright for twenty dollars, halving the amount each time I told him no.  I nearly strangled that 5'1 fuck.

Methodist University has a shitty security guard who gets upset if you try and bypass his booth on a bike.  He takes your ID to let you on campus.  I got my ID back after hanging out with the host kids awhile, only to be kicked out of my bed because sleeping in a girl's dorm room is a travesty against God in all situations.  I woke up the next morning to the fiasco of a broken phone and my things still trapped in the dorm.  It wasn't until noon that I was able to get everything sorted out and be on the road to Raleigh.


Not being able to sleep where I like or store my weed where I choose makes me feel violated.  Methodist University was very good at making me feel that way,

Unlike the sprawling, lenient, public universities I'm used to, Methodist University treats me to the feeling that my property can be searched at any time, a threat that feels more real than other times the ability has been claimed.  I guess there's some sort of tacit agreement between student and school, but it seems a poor compromise.  Come to our strict, religiously run school of two thousand and we'll give you a complete lack of privacy and freedom!  Maybe that kind of legislating is important to some people, but coming from a campus where I have openly been intoxicated, it seems boring and overly restrictive.  A sheltered college experience is one wasted.  Hey, Methodist, I had enough weed on your stupid fucking campus to send me to jail prison.  How's your shitty campus security working out?

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