Thursday, September 15, 2011

I want dat meatball

South Boston, Virginia

My dearest Caroline,

It has not been long since I left your side, yet already my heart aches with grief.  I did so enjoy seeing your face that it made up for all the tribulations I had to overcome to see you.  Your beautiful, radiant visage and gentle contours have done a great deal to soothe my wearing mind and aching body.  I await my return to your arms with impatience and long to be held again in your warm embrace.

I am staying with General Lee's mistress, Virginia.  Beautiful though she is, she is of a stormy disposition and prone to longwindedness.  From my space here I can smell the manufacture of that hound's meal they've been sending to the front lines.  This war shall soon be over after the Yankee scourge is dealt with.  I pray that happens before Lincoln's savages are able to molest us further.

Your adoring husband,
Col. Chester Worthington, Mrs.

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