Sunday, October 2, 2011

Baleen Whales Vomiting

Newark, Delaware

It's been cold and rainy since I entered Virginia.  The Northeast hasn't been helping me to like it.  The cities are cool, but Jesus, stop it.

I arrive and am welcomed to Newark with heavy accents and a quiche.  My hosts Mr. and Mrs. Wernak are polyglots from France and Columbia respectively.  We go see a long and slow Korean movie at the university theater.  It's attended entirely by Olds.  The average age was double that of my hosts.  Mr. Wernak is a professor getting his doctorate in mechanical engineering and wears his jacket inside out.  We discuss cultural and linguistic differences and they tell me Americans hug a lot.  I fucking love hugging and do so frequently.  I ask them if their thoughts are ordered in a certain language.  I'm unable to differentiate between my thoughts and language as I only have the one.  They conclude they do not unless they have to express the idea in that language.

I make a point to hug them both before I leave.

Delaware Kill Count 
Mouse: 1
Small Bird: 1
Snake: 1

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